Weekly Letter 4-22-2015

Posted in Weekly Letters on Apr 22, 2015

Dear Point Beach Prep Families,
This week we met Mr. Z, who loves zebras. We learned American Sign Language for “zebra” and “z.” Our sight word was “zoo.” We read Zoobeedoo and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, I’m Off to the Moon. We made a craft with zoo animals, Earth Day crafts, and began our Mother’s Day projects. We zigzagged in and out of our classroom. We cannot believe we have learned A-Z already! The school year is flying by!
We celebrated Earth Day by reading Michael Recycle. Ms. Kerry made a recycled robot out of bottles, cups, caps, and containers, who we named Michael Recycle. We talked about ways to help the Earth. Each of the children took turns filling the robot with recyclables. We made promises to the Earth to make it a better place!
Zachary was our Student of the Week! His Mom and Dad came in to our classroom. His Dad taught us about water rescue! He showed us a life jacket, torpedo buoy, whistle, and a rope bag. He put on his rescue uniform complete with wet suit, helmet, harness, and swim fins. He talked about water safety and gave us dittos to color. Thank you for an informative and fun morning!
Show and Tell was awesome but now that we have completed the alphabet, it is finished. Our new learning adventure is numbers! See you next week with numbers 1 and 2!

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