Weekly Letter 4-15-2015

Posted in Weekly Letters on Apr 15, 2015

Hello Point Beach Prep Families!
This week we met Miss Y and her yarn yo-yo. We learned the sight word “you.” Our American Sign Language is letter “y” and “you.” We read Yay! and Yuck! Stuck in the Muck! At our project table we made a yarn ball, a yarn Y, a yellow collage, and will be making our invitations to our Mother’s Day Tea. During music and movement we did Yoga and started practicing our special song for our Moms!
We celebrated Tyler and Aiden N.’s birthdays this week. They both turned 5. We read The Secret Birthday Message by Eric Carle. Happy Birthday to both of them!
Aiden was our Student of the Week for our T/Th class. read a book about fishing. Aiden brought in a fishing pole and taught us all about how to His Mommy came in and fish! Thank you to the Nunez family.
Harry was our Student of the Week for our M/W/F class. His Mommy came in and read to us from a special search and find animal book. Then we all got a chance to squeeze lemons for homemade lemonade. It was delicious and fun! Thank you to the Montuoro family.
During Show and Tell we saw a Yuca fruit, a yam, yardstick, yo-yos, lots of yellow items, a few Yodas, yarn, and a yoga mat.
Andrew’s Mom cooked us yams to eat at snack time. Most of the children had never tried one before. It is good to try new things! Thank you, Mrs. Cortright.
See you next week with our FINAL Show and Tell for letter Z!

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