Weekly Letter 3-11-2015

Posted in Weekly Letters on Mar 11, 2015

Hello Point Beach Prep Families,
This week we met Miss S, who loves the sun. She especially loves when it is warm in the Spring and Summer. (The Pre-K teachers were having the same thoughts!) We learned the sight word “sit.” We learned American Sign Language “s” and “sad.” We could not believe how many words the children brainstormed that started with S! They really put their thinking caps on and we were so proud! During Show and Tell we saw sunglasses, a solar sail, Sophia, a snail, a snake, a saw, Superman, a sword, slinky, and a few other S items. It was super!
At our project table we made 2 different kinds of shamrocks, a snake, scissor snips, a snowman, and painted shells. We practiced writing an s on a tray with salt, made an s out of string, made an s with shaving cream, and did lots of stamping with pictures or words that started with s.
We read all about snakes and saw a real snake skin! We also read the books on tape Caps for Sale and Sally’s Room. We enjoyed a visit on Thursday from the Point Pleasant Beach Children’s Librarian, Miss Tina. She brought her Magic Envelope, read a few books and sang songs. Thank you Miss Tina!
On Wednesday, we stretched and moved our bodies to Yoga! Among many other poses, Yoga Instructor Mrs. Mammano had us move like snakes, reach high to thank the sun and repeat the mantra “I am special.” It was splendid!
This Saturday we have our final Open House for registration. We appreciate you helping to spread the word. We still have a few openings in the Nursery class for the 2015/2016 school year. Thank you for your recommendations to friends!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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